Horizon Magazine

Horizon is the onboard magazine of TurboJET, which carries some 15 million passengers a year between Macau and Hong Kong, Shekou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airport and Hong Kong International Airport. Travel is the element that weaves through the magazine and the destinations are based on where the rapidly expanding numbers of Mainland Chinese travellers are travelling globally and within China. Macau had 31.5 million visitor arrivals in 2014 and visitor spending reached HKD59,900 million (or roughly USD7,680 million) (excluding gaming expenses). Some 13.6 million (or over 43%) of total visitors came from Mainland China.

Horizon addresses the 15 million passengers who travel on TurboJET between Hong Kong and Macau each year. Many of these travellers are from Mainland China on their first experience of overseas travel.

More than 110 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad in 2014 and they are the world’s biggest spenders (US$164.8 billion in 2014, ahead of American tourists who spent US$112 billion). Shopping is high on the list of Chinese travellers’ activities with luxury goods the most desired.

In appealing lifestyle education stories, Horizon readers learn about the finer things in life – fashion, watches, wine, food, art or architecture – that are available to travellers.

DISTRIBUTION: Inside seat pockets on TurboJET high speed ferry services

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